Sri Murugan Society of Alberta
Primary Objectives of Sri Murugan Society

Calgary’s mountains make it the ideal place for a temple for Lord Sri Murugan.

In 1994, the growth of the Hindu population in Calgary prompted some devotees of Lord Sri Murugan to form the Sri Murugan Society of Alberta with the following primary objectives:

  1. to foster, promote and perpetuate the worship of Lord Sri Murugan through the construction and maintenance of a Hindu Temple dedicated to Sri Murugan

  2. to foster, promote and perpetuate the growth of Hindu religious tradition in the Province of Alberta, and

  3. to foster and promote the religious and spiritual well-begin of the Hindu Community in the Province of Alberta.

Other Activities

The society carries out various service activities. This includes food drives for Calgary Drop-in Center. Donation of clothes and varios other items.

Conducting religious seminars, organizing culural programs and facilitating religious education to children are some of the other activities that the Society is presently working on.

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