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SMS bought a 2.54 acres land at 292100 Wagon Wheel Blvd., Rocky View County, Alberta in December 2014 for the purpose of building a Hindu Temple for Sri Murugan (Lord Skanda) and a Cultural Community Hall for Albertans. The site is located about 2.5 km east of the Cross Iron Mills Mall on the south side of Highway 566. SMS has initiated the construction of building and necessary service infrastructure. The construction would take about 10 months including a couple of months closure during the peak winter season. The building will be ready for occupancy by summer 2016.

The total cost of construction is estimated to be 1.9 million dollars, of which ATB facilitates a mortgage of 1.5 million dollars and SMS is actively involved in raising 400,000 dollors over the next 8 months.

Site for Temple and Cultural Center

Building and Site Services Design

The temple building along with facilities for cultural activities was designed in accorance with the technical requirements of the Area Structure Plan (ASP) of the Wagon Wheel commercial development area. The main floor (5360 sq.ft) consists of the shrine (sanctum), stage, and cultural hall. The basement (4300 sq.ft) has the washrooms, kitchen, dining area, office room, store rooms, and kids' recreation area. The building along with the infrastructure was designed to accomodate about 250 devotees/ cultural program attendents at a time. Architectural views from various directions are presented as follows:

North-East View

North View

South-East Areal View

Main Floor Plan

Basement Floor Plan
The site development includes about 80 parking stalls, service roads, garbage enclosure, and miscellaneous landscaping features. The entire development takes place on the south half of the land, leaving the north half as is for future development.

Site Development and Service Infrastructure

Features of Temple

SMS has consulted with senior hindu pundits and silpa aacharies (sculpture architects) to arrive at a suitable configuration of sannithis and selection of moorthys. Position and dimensions of sannithis determined accordingly, and the respective idols are being ordered. All sannithis except that for Utsava Moorthys face east. The main sannithi of the temple is for Murugan with Theivanai and Valli. Sivan and Parvathi are located on either sides of Murugan. Ganapathy occupies his own south-west corner, while Vengadajalapathy is on the north-west corner. Navagrahas are located slightly north-east to the main sannithi. Utsava Moorthys face south, where a south entrance to the temple is provided.

There is an operable wall, which is kept open by default. Whenever there is a cultural program on the stage, the operable wall will be temporarily closed. The temple is to be provided with powerfull fans to exhaust any smoke resulting from homa or pooja.

Description of Sannithis

Approvals from the Rocky View County

Rocky View County has granted all approvals to complete this project.

Implementation Plan

SMS is planning to start site services work by mid-September 2015, and will continue working on the foundation walls etc. Once the full Building Permit is granted, work on the super structure will be started. The target completion time will be June 2016, allowing for site closure during peak winter season.

Implementation Plan

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