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SMS Annual General Meeting 2015

Executive Committee Report 2014-2015

Dear Members:

It is our privilege to submit this report to the Members of Sri Murugan Society of Alberta, on behalf of the Trustees served in the Executive Committee for 2014/2015. As Trustees and the whole membership, we have witnessed several achievements during the last one year period. Trustees worked hard in several disciplines in order to achieve the ultimate objective of establishing a temple for our beloved Thiru Ganesha and Thiru Murugan. Along with the Trustees volunteers served with their full potential in the Land and Building, Fundraising and Bajan Coordination sub-committees.

Our dream of acquiring a land to build the temple was realized during this period. A commercial type, 2.54 acres of land was purchased in the Wagon Wheel Commercial Corridor, in the Rocky View County. The purchase attempt commenced with a preliminary conceptual building design approved by the Wagon Wheel Lot Owners' Association. The approved conceptual design was presented to the Membership at a Special General Meeting held on October 11th, 2014. Later on the conceptual design was fine-tuned in consultation with the Planning Division of the Rocky View County, and a conditionally approved Development Permit was obtained. We are about to complete a condition pertaining to the overland drainage easement, and will receive the complete Development Permit shortly. During this process we have also completed the geotechnical investigation, traffic analysis, drainage analysis, and the development site services plan.

On receiving the conditional Development Permit, we progressed with the detailed design by contracting suitable professional consultants for various scopes such as structural design, mechanical and electrical design, landscape design as well as commercial kitchen design. Our consultants have stamped and signed off their design drawings and reports, and we will submit the Building Permit application soon after the Development Permit is complete. Based on the detailed design, we have invited price quotations for developing the building from various General Contractors. We expect to begin construction in early August so that the building super-structure will be closed before the winter season sets in.

Trustees are proud to announce today that our consistent efforts of fundraising resulted in a total net-income of $240,000 over the fiscal year 2014/2015. We collected about $5,600 from the dance program held in September 2014; $144,000 from lump-sum and periodical donations from members and devotees; and, $80,000 was received from AGLC. In addition $125,000 was received as part of the Community Facilities Enhancements Fund. Apart from these, we have secured a line-of-credit type loan from the ATB Financial to proceed with the building construction. We would like to record our sincere thanks and appreciation to Barb Bierman, Relationship Manager, ATB for her enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to help us realize our dreams. We had gone through a debt-free purchase of land mainly with the support of donors, and we take this opportunity to thank all donors for their valuable timely contribution to the Society. We also seek continued support from donors in the form of lump-sum and periodical donations as well as personal loans.

We have gone through a series of religious and cultural activities over the last year. In addition to the regular monthly bhajans and poojas, we have conducted special poojas to mark Navarathiri, Skanda Sasti and Thai Pongal. We also held cultural programs to celebrate Navarathiri and Thai Pongal. Members of the Bhajan coordination sub-committee organized an event, namely, "The Millennium Awareness Fair of King Sri Raja Raja Cholan" to make the kids and teens aware of King Raja Raja Cholan and his services to the Tamil community. Above all, we held the Bhoomi Pooja to begin construction of our temple.

Our achievements wouldn't have been materialized without the sincerity and support of distinct personals and volunteers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ex. Provincial Minister Hon. Manmeet Buller for his support in obtaining the Community Enhancement grant. We are thankful to Sitham Muhunthan for being a big pillar of the Building sub-committee and coordinating all activities ranging from conceptual design to price quotation. Our sincere thanks are also due to Balamurali Babykrishnam for his great contributions in our designs. We also thank Manoharan Selvendran, Bala Sajeendran and Sureshkumar Kandasamy for their valuable contribution.

Remarkable service provided by the immediate past-president Vettivelu Nallainayagam (June 2014 to January 2015) and the Trustees who complete their term, Jay Arumuga (President), Ellan Gnanalingam (Vice-president) and Veerakcuddy Rajasekaram (Joint Secretary), as well as the continuing Trustees Kumar Palani (Treasurer), Ravi Selvarajan (Joint Secretary), Saravana Moorthy (Trustee) and Balaji Shanmugam (Trustee), is gratefully acknowledged. We appreciate the efforts of past Trustees since April 1994 too.

We extend our gratitude to Mathan Balasubramanium and Ponnusamy Sakkapa for organizing bhajans, Meiyappan Viswanathan and Anitha Senthil for helping us on the Raja Raja Cholan function, Selvapraba Balamurali for being our internal graphic designer, and Priya Kumaragurubaran for assisting us on accounting.

We thank volunteers for the Bhoomi Pooja, Mani Velan, Kris Gunaratnam, and many others.

Executive Committee, 2014/2015

Minutes of 20th AGM (Approved)

Audited Financial Report 2014-2015

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